The Road Ahead

by Gone Dogs

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released December 8, 2017

Produced by: Vincent Joseph

Recorded at: Gone Dogs' Studio, Montreal, QC
Additional recording:
Alex Blain at Les Studios Alx Muzic, Montreal, QC
Simon N. Couture's home studio, Montreal, QC

Mixed by: Simon N. Couture

Additional mix for Rising Before Winter by: Francis Duruisseau

Mastered by: Nuno Cabral

Illustrations & Artwork by: Cédric Dupuis


Management & Booking by: Vincent Joseph

Gone Dogs is:
Alexandre Larocque: Vocals, Organ, Piano
Alexandre Michaud: Electric & acoustic guitars, Flute
Vincent Joseph: Electric & acoustic guitars, Vocals
Joseph Antoine Clavet: Bass, Cello, Violin
Dominic Ogden: Drums, Percussion

Guest vocals:
Ariane Shirley Coutu, The Chosen One
Oscar Souto, Les eaux qui dorment

Les eaux qui dorment originally by: Offenbach
Music by: John McGale
Lyrics by: Pierre Huet

Thank You:
Michael Wagner, Cédric Dupuis, Simon N. Couture, Alex Blain, Francis Duruisseau,
Nuno Cabral, Ariane Shirley Coutu, Oscar Souto, Benoit Trottier,
Jacynthe Lavoie, Harold W Savard, Yves Moisan & Raphael Léger.

Special thanks to Suzy Labelle, Viviane L. Bouchard, Camille Lopez.
All of our friends. The Larocque family, the Michaud family,
the Joseph family, the Clavet family & the Ogden family.

©All rights reserved. Gone Dogs 2017.


all rights reserved



Gone Dogs Montreal, Québec

Gone Dogs is a six-piece band that fuels on straight forward classic rock. Six rockers animated by an energy that makes you want to hit the road on a big sports car and never look back. Gone Dogs, a band that leaves their mark!

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Track Name: Gone Dogs

We are following the rails
Trying to find some answers
Rusty crooks, iron ways
That seem to go nowhere
The only thing we know;
That’s gonna be far from home
Goodbye my love, I'm leaving for a while

We are sailing on the wave
That’s trying to pierce a piece of sky
Avoiding the rocky island
Full of black sheeps

Here comes the wild dogs
Wanna hear our dirty bark?
Open the black curtains and look at the sparks
If you want to get in and I know you want it
Don’t let the rock crush your bones

Here comes the Gone Dogs
‘Be sure we will be back
Don't roll the red carpet and bring the cognac
We are still living, we are still coming
Always sailing on the waves

Always far from our home, we keep our memories
Track Name: The Chosen One (feat. Ariane Shirley Coutu)

Hey! Give me this floating bottle
It’s full of love, it’s full of everything
I hang here in this rat hole
Waiting for you

Then you finally come for me
My glassy eyes welcome some sweet joy tears
The most beautiful thing that I’ve ever seen
That’s the perfect moment to beat some fears

Would you dance with me, (You’re the one)
My dear floating bottle?
Would you follow me, (You’re the one)
In this worthless battle?
I think I found the one

I can see the ghost of a better road
I see some light melting my rusty cage
I yell and fly while my prison explodes
I have the strength to turn this page

Why I never tasted you before
I’m gonna take my time with ya
We can sing all night long and take the backdoor
Run in the morning light and make our own law

Please, don't fall off my hands
Don't disappear like the others
Be the one who will never end
Come to me like a ceaseless river
Track Name: Empty World

What do you wanna believe in this life?
I grew up surrounded by all these eyes
Judging my fucked up mind, sitting on what I tried to find
You taught me to feel free in a rotten cage and smile to crows

In what do you want me to believe?
I work and die for this empty world
In what do you want me to believe?
I sleep and dream on broken bottles

I’m digging through this bloody red ground
We are a bunch of ants, serving our old fat queen
All on our knees, selling our souls by the pound
For her majesty, we’ll lick her path until it’s clean

Can you feel my despair?
I’m lost in this empty world
I can’t do this anymore
Help me see through darkness

I must retrieve my wings
And fly towards my destiny
I’ve had enough of this shit
It’s time to live on my own

Can you feel my despair?
Track Name: Finding My Way

12 o’clock and I'm lazy
I’m hangover once again
The only thing that’s stuck in my head
What happened last night?

The moment I open my eyes
I feel ashamed
You laying down in my bed
Can you tell me your name?

Ho no! I lost control again
I need to heal my soul
I know it’ll take me to the end
But I need this flow

I bring myself to the next step
I need to be out of this world
My life is just a pile of mistakes
Will I find my way?

I need to feel hazy
I need to feel this flow
It's the only thing I know
I think I've found my way

It's useless to beat on me
I'm lost forever

Always finding a reason to drink
I know that makes you mad

I don’t even know myself
I’m lost forever
Forever alone
Alone in my endless trip
Track Name: Falling Before Summer

Can you see all these men falling down?
Can you hear the mother's howl rising up?
A bunch of pigs are fighting for the crown
Drinking our life from their bloody cups

Some fresh leaves fall before summer
Nobody can catch them while they hit the ground
The grody madness smiles to their brothers
If you want your revenge, we’ll release the hounds

It’s the reign of madness baby
Grab your wine and don't miss the circus
Only fools are playing this game of chess
If you know how to cheat you will be famous

It’s the reign of madness
It’s raining fear and smoky desires
Smell these perfumes and forget what you see
Be one of those who built this empire

We can see some doubts in every sun ray
Why are we warming your poor cold bones?
Do you still have a bit of faith in these wounded days?
Is it a shame to care about selfish stones?

Everybody owns the gift of love and pain
If you raise an army, which one will you take?
One day, bullets will pass through the window frame
And you will understand, that this madness ain’t fake
Track Name: Come With Me

Don’t you know you’re teasing me?
Are you looking at me or the other one behind?
I’ve tried talking to you with the words I found
I’m so hungry for your kind

I love the way you tease me

Your eyes are stuck in my head
All this heavy breathing; I’m out of breath
You are about to make me crazy
Wondering if you’ll ever come with me

Some bad ideas are running in my head
But I know you would not be afraid
And now I feel you want some more, I see it in your eyes
I’m turned on like never before, I want more

You find the way to tease me

I can’t stop staring at your lips
They’re talking to me. They say: “I want you too!”
You know that makes me crazy
Just come with me, we will become fools
Track Name: Expectations

You judge my life and the way I lead it
You think you’re doing well but you just poison me
I can't handle your bad feelings
But baby I swear, I'm still trying

Whoever you are, you won't change me
And if you’re not satisfied
You’re not better than the rest
I wanna make you understand
I could give you all I have
But it's never enough for you
You’re not better than the rest

I'm still trying to make you understand
If you don't stop, we will sink to the end
Your pretty eyes won’t do you no good
We won't go back

I wanna live my life by myself
And if you want me back, just go to hell

Do you realize I’ve given all I have for you?

If you want me back, just go to hell
I've done all I can for you
Track Name: Unstoppable

Oh, you better grab my hand
If you wanna get on this unstoppable train
Maybe I'll hit a wall
But be sure girl I'm gonna tear it down
I'm pretty sure I'll fall but if you stand by me
It will be on our crazy crowd
The rails are curving by you girl

Oh, you better grab my hand
If you wanna get on this unstoppable train
Better get on board or get the fuck out
I've got no answer for you now

This road gives me the fuel
To never think about all the ditches
Hope you're not one of these blind bitches
Bet you see me as a fool
Oh, you better grab my hand this time
Get rid of your shell, I'm gonna taste your pearl
The rails are curving by you girl

I've got no answer for you now
You better get on board

Oh, you better grab my hand
Better get on board
Maybe I will hit a wall
But the rails are curving by you girl
Track Name: The Road Ahead

I got a bad feeling about it
Why does it always turns out like this?
All along the road, I close my eyes
‘Cause I’m afraid, ‘cause I’m scared of all this shit

You must believe my words
You must prepare for it
I know you’re doing well now
But you will reach your despair

There’s a cold river flowing inside me
I try to reach the coast,
But something stronger keeps me afloat
I know where it’s gonna end
I know how it’s gonna turn out
And I’m so scared, and I’m scared of all this shit

You must believe my words
You must prepare for it
You’re going down
I know you’re doing well now
But you will reach your despair
You’re going down

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